Why isn’t the i9-13900k in our Prebuilds?

"I've seen plenty of people run the i9-13900k on an All-in-One Cooler. What's the big deal?"

The Intel i9-13900k Processor is a high-performance processor known for its exceptional processing power. However, it should be noted that this processor draws a significant amount of power (360W+ during our testing), which can pose challenges for cooling solutions, particularly certain All-in-One (AIO) liquid coolers.

The Thermaltake TH360: Via Thermaltake U.S.A
The Thermaltake TH360: Via Thermaltake U.S.A

Can the i9-13900K be cooled with an All-in-One Cooler?

During our testing, we confirmed that the i9-13900k can be successfully cooled with an AIO. However, to achieve this without losing a substantial amount of performance, we had to undervolt the CPU via an Adaptive Voltage Offset (V/F Curve). Setting a Power Limit and/or Lower Ratio also solved the thermal issue, but the performance suffered.

An example of the Advanced Offset Mode in the MSI Motherboard BIOS
An example of the Advanced Offset Mode in the MSI Motherboard BIOS

If it can be cooled, what’s the issue?

We considered applying this tuning method to every build that required it. The reason that we decided against this is due to the possibility of the settings being lost. Necessary BIOS Updates, Motherboard swaps, and CMOS Resets would cause the Processor to revert back to its default settings. The customer would either be left with a computer that thermal throttles on a regular basis or be forced to learn how to adjust the V/F Curve themselves.

We would rather ship our computers knowing the customer would never have to adjust the BIOS settings just so it will run properly. With this in mind, we have decided to move the Intel Core i9-13900K and its variants to the category of “Custom Build Requests.” This simply means that we would like our customers to contact us for purchasing this Processor just like they would a Threadripper Processor, 7000MHz and above RAM Speeds, extensive storage options, or Custom Loops. A Higher Level of communication with our customers is key for the more complicated builds to ensure part compatibility.

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